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These Female Founders Are Fighting To Remove The Stigma of Mental Illness

The Fragile Club aims to spark discussion and encourage treatment for mental illness by partnering with Mental Health Organizations and Influencers around the world.

VANCOUVER, September 20th, 2019. The Fragile Club, a Social Change Apparel Company, announced today that they will launch this October 1st 2019 to bring awareness to Mental Health Month while contributing to the resources of Mental Health Organizations in Ireland, UK, Australia, United States, and Canada.

The Fragile Club is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, co-founded by female entrepreneur's Katya Samotoi and Cait Holmes. Proceeds from every sale will be donated to Mental Health Organizations such as Mental Health Ireland.

"We created The Fragile Club to help remove the stigma of mental illness and also to encourage and support those who are living with mental health by making their voices loud and bringing about more awareness and acceptance. We are all fragile inside." - Cait Holmes, Co-Founder.

Studies from American Psychological Association, Cambridge University and many others have explained how stigma surrounding mental health prevents people from getting treatment. This has been found to be apparent in a variety of groups such as Students, Military, Transgender, Ethnic Minorities, and Women suffering Postnatal Illness to name only a few.

An excerpt from a Gilford Journal publication states, “Evidence suggests that roughly one-third of people with severe mental illness show elevated internalized stigma and that it is linked to compromised outcomes in both subjective and objective aspects of recovery.” 

The World Health Organization has declared that “the way forward includes launching public awareness campaigns to overcome stigma and discrimination”, and that is exactly what The Fragile Club aims to do in the public sphere.

The Fragile Club provides the opportunity to impact cultural norms in global communities through their awareness campaigns and contributions to Mental Health Organizations around the world. 

“When people open up about their own mental health struggles, it can help break down stigma, spark important discussions, and even inspire others to seek treatment” - Katya Samotoi, Co-Founder.

The FRAGILE apparel line launches on October 1st 2019. Sign up to be notified on their website now. Your purchase fights mental illness.

Follow @thefragileclub on Social Media and visit their website to learn more and how you can get involved. 

Source: The Fragile Club

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