The Product Journey

Transparency matters, people matter, and so does mother earth. 

We want you to feel incredible about wearing our clothes - not only because they offer you a way to show your support for mental health but also because they're responsibly and ethically made.

Being transparent about our manufacturing process is very important to us, so here is everything you need to know about our clothes' journey.


Currently our clothing is sourced from a single family-run, ethical Atelier in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Our Atelier adheres to our Code of Ethics & Sustainabilityincluding our version of California's Transparency is Supply Chains Act which combats modern slavery.

This includes commitments to sweatshop-free and child labor-free manufacturing, competitive wages, safe and hygienic working conditions, humane treatment, and sustainable practices.

We have signed Responsible Sourcing Cotton Pledges against forced labor, to not use Uzbek or Turkmen cotton. The Fragile Club is listed amongst other companies who have pledged to raise their production standards and align business practices to ensure everyone in our supply chain can support these causes.

We love animals and no animal products are used in the making of our clothing. 


The Fragile Club proudly supports forest protection and reforestation initiatives in partnership with Pachama to counteract the environmental impact of shipping and contribute to combating global climate change.


All reforestation and forest conservation projects are certified and compliant with best-in-class protocols and standards and are monitored with tech-based,  machine learning verification to provide accurate estimates of carbon storage.

These projects are designed to balance the excess CO2 emitted into the air. Restoring forests, when properly verified and monitored, is one of the best options for carbon offsets.

We're Always Improving

The Fragile Club is a socially conscious brand and we take all levels of this statement into consideration when making decisions as we move forward and grow. Part of this includes improving our sourcing on each level - from the field, to the mill, to the factory, to your hands - by partnering with GOTS certified mills who only source and handle materials from ethically certified farms.

This mission also includes taking measures to improve the mental health of the people who make and handle our products to the best of our ability and ensure that proper ethics are carried out. This is why in 2020 we are creating an internal program to ensure this part of our mission is achieved.