Nanda Loren x The Fragile Club

The true trademark of talent is when you use it to heal the world. Nanda Loren lives this message loudly!
Born in the bustling city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, her roots are now in laid back Orange County California. As a singer and songwriter her voice echoes in the ears of thousands.

It’s through music and her own experiences that she spreads her passion for mental health; taking something painful and turning it into raw, authentic beauty. Sharing her story is deeper than her passion, it encompasses her entire purpose.

Nanda Loren, The Voice Brazil, 2016.

Even when the judgements, criticism and close-minded opinions and comments (that all artists experience) overwhelm her vision, she doesn’t walk away. Instead, she focuses on self-love and gratitude towards God for where she is and what she has. “You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.” She says.  

Her latest song 'Não Há Nada'

Nanda is not a novice for dealing with depression and anxiety. At 14 she began experiencing these mental turmoils, until at 17 she tried to take her own life. 

Now, she doesn’t just promote mental health and share her moving story. She also educates through her e-book, “After Surviving,” on strategies, providing valuable information and support, while reminding us that, “It is possible to be happy again.”

By joining The Fragile Club, Nanda hopes to enlist the vulnerability and openness required to talk about these sensitive and stigmatized topics. As an Ambassador, she’s excited to watch the name grow and be part of an incredible movement in not just her community, but the entire world. 

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