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From small-town boy in Richmond Texas to acclaimed fame in Miami, Florida, Ruebx Qube never shied away from hard work, and today, it shows. 

His days are stocked with work as an entrepreneur, artist, entertainer, producer, songwriter, content creator and author of a children's book series, “E.J. & Friend.” On top of it all, Ruebx Qube is the founder of IHope4you Inc; a non-profit organization with a goal for enriching youth with morals and values at the early stages of their lives.

Ruebx Qube

“I’ve always been a life seeker,” Ruebx says. Meeting with his fans and connecting with individuals on both a psychological and spiritual level, is, as he says, “ muse. In return, they allow me to create.” 

Ruebx Qube grew up in a home with a mother suffering from manic depression and later, Schizophrenia. Watching the episodes of her mental states as a child was all too puzzling and confusing, sometimes leaving him to wonder if he was the mere reason for her sadness. 

Described as an empath, Ruebx Qube strongly feels the suffering of others. “Deep inside, I want to save the world.” This mentality kicked into full swing as he observed his mother's misery. At 19, everything came crashing down. After the passing of his mother’s best friend, she was thrown into a dark state of depression which developed into Schizophrenia. With the stigma so strong regarding mental health, and the silence defeating any address to the situation, his mother’s condition worsened until eventually his own life was put at risk. 

Ruebx Qube saw the drastic improvement of his mother as she received treatment and was able to fashion back into regular life again. His recent release, “We’ve All Been There,” is dedicated to his late mother, who passed at 49 years old. In it, Ruebx Qube reminds us that, “...there is light at the end of the tunnel if we hold on just a bit longer.”

When Ruebx Qube joined as an Ambassador for The Fragile Club, he said, “what they represent is something I hold near and dear to my heart. It was a no brainer that I would get involved in any way I can to bring awareness to the stigma of this topic.” From the emotional story of his Mother, Ruebx Qube directs us to the truth that there is not just hope for the future, but happiness too.

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