Leann Knowlden x The Fragile Club

Mental health has no borders. Leann Knowlden, a world renowned Instagrammer shares her story all the way from Morocco. 

The Instagram world can be competitive, judgemental and an easy means of comparison. Leann has had to combat these challenges daily, as the global attention tries to define her based upon insignificant characteristics, such as how she looks or what she weighs. 

It wasn’t until a good friend pointed out how these comments were causing an emotional corrosion for Leann, that she decided to take a stand. Now, the comments shared that used to tear down her self-esteem empower her. 

Leann is a creator and a life-learner. Her spare time is committed to creativity and learning new and fascinating things. Leann exemplifies the importance of surrounding yourself with good people, there for the betterment of you as an individual. Her Mom, she claims, is among those who inspire her most. 

Regardless of the mental wrestle Leann trudges through, she and her life remain normal, and that’s exactly the message she, as an Ambassador for The Fragile Club, wants to share. To normalize mental illness and to work within her community to ensure no one is hidden behind shame or embarrassment regarding their mental fight.

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