Kirsty Meakin x The Fragile Club

It doesn’t matter how many cities she drives through or countries she flies to, Stoke on Trent England has been - and still is - home for Kirsty Meakin. All artists must find their canvas, and for Kirsty, nails has become hers. Her work in the nail industry exceeds a quick snip and splash of paint. The creation and talent she’s mastered in the field of nail art has been revolutionary to the industry.

Volunteering alongside her father, Kirsty manages a girls football team, making a positive impact on each of their lives. Family is the true treasure of Kirsty’s life. Whether it be the inspiration gathered through seeing her family rise victorious from the challenges of life, to the growing up of her daughters into strong, independent women, family is the focus and the foundation of her life. Kirsty’s influence expands far past the ties of family, as she experiences the gratification that comes from helping other budding nail artists to expand their skills in order to enhance their careers. 

Having had the opportunity to explore different cultures and countries, Kirsty practices a unique and powerful awareness of the people, opportunities and things around her. While it’s easy in a culture of abundance to take our parents, our homes, even our full cupboards for granted, Kirsty incorporates gratitude and acknowledgement of these simple things into her life. 

Mental health has circulated throughout her family, but through the support and love of one another, each has been able to survive the challenges that encompass such circumstances. Kirsty has witnessed the effects of simply having someone to share the struggle with and understands the importance of a community during those dark and difficult days.

By being an Ambassador for The Fragile Club, she hopes to create that same ‘family’ for others going through mental distress. “ I want people suffering with mental health to have the courage to reach out for advice and support.” And we, The Fragile Club, want that too.

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