Sidney Rivera x The Fragile Club

If he’s not on the field kicking the ball, you’ll probably find Sidney Rivera tinkering with a new entrepreneurial expedition, or claiming some well-deserved relaxation. This well-loved New Jersey soccer player doesn’t just burn a sweat in the game.

His work ethic - inspired by his family - leads him to daily improvement on the quest of becoming the best person, and player, possible. For Sidney, success rewards itself. For him, regardless of how hard and grueling the going can get, the sensation of accomplishment far outweighs the struggle. Despite being overwhelmed from decisions he can’t control, Sidney has never let difficulty prevent him from fighting for his dream.  

Sidney Rivera

Being in competitive sports, Sidney has seen the need for inviting open conversation regarding mental health. “You are not alone,” he says. Like so many fellow ambassadors, Sidney feels grateful for the opportunity to represent the brand of The Fragile Club and impart knowledge and support on the topic of mental health.

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