Phillip Davis x The Fragile Club

Life is ordinary down in Savannah Georgia, but not for artist Phillip Davis. 

As the residential manager for the non-profit, Park Place Outreach, his days are spent organizing shelter and services to homeless and at-risk youth. Later, he finds himself at the DEEP Center - an organization that’s primary focus is on empowering youth through literacy and addressing social justice issues - where he is busy working as a teaching artist. If that’s not enough to fit into a week, how about being the lead graphic designer for his local, family owned print and design company? 

But Davis wouldn’t have it any other way. His opportunities to serve the youth of his community, explore creative passions and be involved in community and social justice is what, in his own words, “...empowers me.” 

Phillip Davis The Fragile Club

Drawing on the inspiration Davis receives from family and friends, Davis unwinds on a pen of poetry and other creative outlets. As part of his passion to see people expressing themselves, he hosts community open-mics, giving musicians the stage for the night. 

It’s no surprise that living such a fulfilling life leaves little time for oneself, which Davis shares is one thing he is overwhelmed without, yet can forget to include. His work requires mental stamina, and without ‘recharging time,’ can cause difficulty in maintaining routine and balance. 

As Davis sees first-hand cases of trauma, abuse, abandonment and other difficult life circumstances,  he is reminded that none of us are fully exempt from the effects of mental health. In becoming an Ambassador of The Fragile Club, Davis hopes to shed much needed light on the topic of mental health in his community, and help others break their silence about their struggle.

Phillip Davis The Fragile Club

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