Alison Malee x The Fragile Club

She’s a writer, a wife, a mom, a traveller and a book lover. Alison Malee carries many titles, but an artist - in both the literary realm and life in general, seems to capture her most completely. 

Inspired by the world as a whole, and viewing love - in all its forms - as the greatest influence in creativity, Alison regards life as an empty canvas. From making memories, to chasing toddlers around the house, to music and art, the days of Alison Malee are anything but boring.  

Honesty has always been the script of Alison’s writings. “Fear,” she says, “ one of the things that overwhelms me the most.” 

Common to most children and teenagers, Alison desperately wanted to ‘fit in'. Social anxiety began isolating her, which only escalated Alison to heavy bouts of depression. She could combat the isolation with a hectic schedule, yet this tossed her into a whole new battlefield...burnout. 

Finding a balance is key to mastering the delicate care of our mental health, which is something Alison hopes to help others discover. “I want to be vocal about the search for it because I know there are so many people who are looking and fighting for the same thing.”

Through The Fragile Club, Alison will expand her platform of honest and authentic communication with her readers, to add voice to a narrative that isn’t just important to society, but also central to her heart.

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