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Every artist needs a wave to carry their creation, and for Aracely Flores, the tattoo salon is hers. Think hairdressing involves a lot of pressure of perfection from the customer? Imagine signing the artwork on someone’s body...for life. 

As a wife, and mother (to both humans and nonhuman babies), her time is typically absorbed basking in and enjoying the company of family down in San Antonio Texas. Her husband is the fuel under the fire we see today. His support and encouragement has driven Aracely to advocate for the case of mental health, and start many conversations on the subject. 

Growing up in a small town, Aracely witnessed the silence regarding mental health issues, and kept hers under the table all throughout her childhood. It wasn’t until she finally determined that she did deserve happiness and wanted a better quality of life free from panic attacks and deep depression, that she received the proper medication. Yes, each day is started with a fresh dose of anxiety, but through the appropriate treatment, remains within her threshold. 

Aracely Flores Tattoo Artist The Fragile Club

As Aracely began to vocalize the reality of living with mental health, she was greeted with messages of thanks, similar stories and people feeling inspired to also rise above their struggles. Seeing the power behind what she had shared, Aracely joined The Fragile Club to reach even more people with her story and hopefully, impact the lives of those in the daily grind with mental health. On those really hard days, just remember Aracely words, “... in reality, sometimes the only thing you CAN do is wipe the tears and keep truckin’. And that’s why Aracely’s keep truckin’ on with each one of you.

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