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Tucked in a peaceful valley in southern Italy lies Guardia Sanframondi; the birthplace of successful fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Teresa Morone. Born with Italian, Romanian and Russian roots, she continues to reside in Castelvenere (another small town in Italy), as she strives to keep her heritage alive. 

Teresa exemplifies what ‘living your passion,’ truly means. Between writing her blog (teresamorone.com), modelling, theatre and working for the brilliant entrepreneur Maria Pia Selvaggio as editor and social media director, Teresa’s days are anything but boring. 

When she isn’t pursuing her career aspirations she unwinds with a relaxing novel or sketches down writings in an empty notebook. 

Feeling empowered by the control she has to determine her future and being inspired by women who have defined themselves, it’s no wonder that Teresa is amongst those who lead a truly remarkable life. Yet, what we don’t see, is the courage she embraces to summit these mountainous accomplishments each and everyday. 

“I’m afraid of not being good enough,” she says. “I’m afraid to disappoint.” 

The emotional relapse from her parents separation (coupled with the ending of a relationship and inability to continue University studies) threw Teresa into a deep depression. After years of walking within the shadows of depression, Teresa finally claimed victory. “I came out and I was reborn. I feel like a warrior. That piece of my life made me strong and human.” 

By becoming an Ambassador for The Fragile Club Teresa is able to spread her message that we are strong enough to survive depression, and that hope exists as we continually look forward.

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