9Gotti x The Fragile Club

“I’m just a walking jukebox...” says Melvin Artis, a musical artist based out of Atlanta Georgia.  His life proves the truth. 

Born in St. Paul Minnesota, Melvin has stayed true to his childhood passion. Regardless of the jobs and events  that fell between then and now, Melvin never gave up on what mattered most to him...music. Regardless of how many said he couldn’t, Melvin converted that negative energy into his source of positive empowerment, which has landed him a following of over 1500 hundred fans.

Each day he gains new inspiration as he sees previously impossible tasks become his own stories of success. His time is split between music, family, a chill night of video games and real, authentic friends. Melvin pushes himself to the max, confessing that there might be a small fear of failing propelling him to great heights. 


What makes Melvin more than just an artist though, is his daily fight against depression and anxiety. “I’ve had it for as long as I can remember.” Yet, to parrot his reactions to all other trials of life, he views it as an opportunity. His first-hand understanding of such mental states have allowed him to provide empathy and support to those in the same boat. In hopes of helping more in his community and increasing conversation on such critical topics, Melvin has become an Ambassador for The Fragile Club.

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