Mikal Chancy x The Fragile Club

There’s a lot more to Mikal’s Chancy mission of creating top athletes than simply sculpting abs and toning muscles. As she’s experienced, “...their internal transformation is much more rewarding than any physical transformation could be.” Mikal isn’t just inspired by the opportunity to continually learn and improve herself...she’s empowered as she helps others do the same. As an online personal trainer and lifestyle coach, everyday she’s able to watch her clients reach their goals and change their lives. 

Mikal was born in Helena Montana - now residing in Missoula Montana. During her College years, she watched others confidently navigate their course in life while she struggled to know what she wanted to be. In this period, she rubbed shoulders with suicidal thoughts and experienced depression, fatigue and a total lack of energy and motivation.

It wasn’t until several years after College that she found her rhythm...her rescue. Fitness and health. With the support of family and friends - to which Mikal says she will always be indebted - Mikal is now the one paying it forward. By joining The Fragile Club, Mikal will increase her influence outside of her typical business structure. She wants people to reach out and connect, feeling the courage to share their battles with mental health. Because Mikal is evidence that our lives can be dramatically improved and healing can occur if we have the courage to try.

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