Odette Blacklock x The Fragile Club

Born and bred in the Blue Mountains of Australia, it’s no surprise that nature and its beauty has profound influence over Odette Blacklock. After spending years in the bustling city of Sydney, she recently moved to Kingcliffs, (a picturesque town that could be mistaken for a screensaver). 

Odette is everything fitness related; From one of the best known fitness trainers and sport podiatrist in Auz, to a sponsored athlete and a Masters Medical graduate. Her innovative training program has been trailblazing in the industry for its improved movement mechanics for longevity in health. The many years of study and experience in the field is paying off, as Odette has gained global attention, including being featured in Richard Branson’s Magazine. Her reward? Continually seeing individuals transform their lives as they take charge of their health.

Odette Blacklock The Fragile Club

Her main sidekick is her 15yr old son. It comes to no surprise that he joins in on all the activity, from cooking, to exercise to binge watching Netflix. Odette exemplifies the essence of living your passion, as she says, “It really makes you appreciate the hard work in study or life lessons, when you can share what you’ve learned to help someone else.” 

The Odette Blacklock we see now wasn’t always this way. At 14 she experienced a terrible duo of tragic events. Her Mother was involved in a fatal car accident that took her life, only to find out within the same week that one of her best friends was shot and killed. The pain manifested itself loudly during her 20’s, but Odette got strategic about coping with it. She sought proper treatment, altered her diet, prioritized her family and friends and invested in her creative outlets.

Through these series of actions, Odette has transformed her life into a story of success, and now wants to help others do the same. “When we can connect with others we are more powerful to overcome challenges together rather than facing them alone.” Ambassadors of The Fragile Club pioneer the courage to share their struggle to invite the mic for others to stand up, speak out and be heard.


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