Devina Kaur x The Fragile Club

As Founder of Sexy Brilliant, Devina Kaur is a pioneer in defying social stigmas and living an authentic, unapologetic life. Born and raised in India to a very conservative family, the association with her worth as a woman and marriage ran parallel.  Like many others in this region she experienced an arranged marriage. However, as Devina made her way to Canada, she found the freedom to be her true self. 

Devina Kaur The Fragile Club

As a full-time single mother and the brainchild for Sexy Brilliant, Devina's time is divided between her responsibilities and hobbies, which include writing, martial arts, speaking and inspiring millions on topics of radical self-acceptance. Volunteering plays a critical role in her life. 

As someone who has flirted with the idea of self-harm, and experienced suicidal thoughts after a 2018 business failure, Devina is open about the painful depression that can touch us all. Her daily mantra included, “Pain is universal but suffering is a choice.” Everyday, Devina is choosing to voice her story and help others do the same. Regardless of how hard the road has been, Devina emphasizes the importance of self-forgiveness and how empowering this mercy towards ourselves can be. 

Devina Kaur The Fragile Club

“ I feel hyper sensitive towards emotional situations,” explains Devina. Yet she acknowledges this sometimes overwhelming characteristics as a gift. Her ability to empathize with those living with depression has enabled her to, as she says, “... empower people to feel SEXY BRILLIANT.”

By partnering with The Fragile Club, Devina hopes others will experience the same healing she did when she shared her story. Devina believes in The Fragile Club’s mission to eliminate the social stigmas and normalizes the reality of depression and as an Ambassador is excited to take this movement to her community.

Devina Kaur The Fragile Club

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