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Originally from Lithuania, Tatsiana Paulava is now a full-time student in Italy. When she isn’t buried in textbooks, Tatsiana models; dedicating the vast majority of her free-time to building her profile on Instagram. Her high publicity has come through many focused, hard-working hours, which reaps success...but can also invite anxiety and stress.

Having dealt with social anxiety for most of her life, Tatsiana understands the real grit and grind of living with mental health calamity.  She says, “In society it looks kinda cool, but when you face it in a real life situation it doesn't seem fun anymore.” From rehearsing before phoning someone, to having dialogue ready in case she bumps into someone at the grocery store, her everyday life is lived under the scope of mental health. Some days, she’s handling it well and her tranquil exterior is masking the rapidity of what she feels. Other days, it feels all too consuming. 

Tatsiana Paulava The Fragile Club

Regardless of the inner tsunami, Tatsiana feels empowered as she reaches out to help others, and receives inspiration by those who demonstrate kindness and sincerity. Despite the frequent feelings of not being good enough - thoughts we all experience - she takes a step back to remember that becoming the best version of yourself takes time and effort, and in the end, is worth it.

Slowing down to count her blessings and acknowledge that not everyone is blessed with even the simplest of life’s pleasures - like family, shelter, food and water - helps maintain the balance in Tatsiana’s life. And that’s exactly what Tatsiana is set to achieve with The Fragile Club...bringing back the balance in our lives and allowing mental health to graduate from the backseat. Talking about how we’re really feeling and not just discarding our emotions can help to heal. Tatsiana hopes to see many stories of mental struggle come forth, which is why she so bravely and honestly shared hers.

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