Trisha Oberhaus x The Fragile Club

“I just want to start the conversation.” She says. “ It’s not just about saving’s about saving someone’s quality of life.”  Trisha Oberhaus lives in the suburbs just outside of Atlanta Georgia, with her husband and kids.

As a stay-at-home mom her time is divided between her children and dabbling in photography. Trisha is not only inspired by the stories of those who overcome adversity to reach success, she’s now the one inspiring others by the script she’s written. After losing both her parents at just nine years, Trisha’s mental state was drastically affected, despite her continual denial of any impact from the accident. Stigmatized into the belief that feelings equal weakness, Trisha kept her depression and panic attacks to herself, making jokes about her pain in fear of judgement and shame. 

Trisha Overhaus The Fragile Club

Despite being overwhelmed by new and unfamiliar situations, her characteristics compliment each other as she feels empowerment when she accomplishes the impossible. And that’s what Trisha is set out to do as an Ambassador with The Fragile Club. Trisha hopes to change the impossible hope of everyone finding their voice and sharing their struggle into an everyday reality. Because as she (along with many of us) see it, “...just knowing that you aren’t alone makes a world of difference.”

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