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Some of us are born to be artists, others tailored to be teachers. Some however, are born to script their future from scratch. Entrepreneurs. One such individual is Elisa Eve, from The United States. 

When she isn’t working on her personal business projects, a stray animal might find rescue in her home, or an invention of some sort might be blueprinted. In those quieter, spare moments, a good book or gaming session becomes the go to. Elisa strives to live with no regrets, and while time can often be taken for granted, her awareness of the present moment is important in her life. Feeling empowered by something as simple as matching socks to the complexity lying behind continual gratitude, Elisa views the world as a supplier of endless empowerment. 

Inspired by those who takes risks to better themselves, Elisa also inspires others by being that person. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), is casually and often jokingly thrown around in society. But the reality of living with this condition is far from comical. Elisa sheds light on the reality as she writes, “You have obsessions, compulsions, or both—to the point that they're distressing and time consuming.” After much self-reflection, and feeling the pain of how her condition was affecting herself and those she loved, she sought the appropriate help to improve the situation. 

Having personally experienced the liberation that comes through sharing her story and actively pursuing the betterment of her mental health, Elisa feels passionate about encouraging others to do the same. As an Ambassador for The Fragile Club she hopes to carry the message that, “No one should feel ashamed to ask for help.”

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