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We raise awareness and donate our profits to Mental Health Organizations around the world. The Fragile Club is about acknowledging and owning our pain, weaknesses and insecurities. Everyone has their own story - What truly matters is the positive impact that you have on those around you - Share your story

We're all in this together - watch the video

Watch the video
Watch the video

You're not alone

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Mahlagha Jaberi


Ruebx Qube

Music artist

Nikki Leigh

Actress + Model

David Nonemacher

Athlete + Metal Artist

Seb Delanney

Entrepreneur + YouTuber

Mattie Lynn

TV Personality

Jatin Sapru

TV Host

Lindsay Webster


Romekia Brown


Christina Russel

Body Rebooted




SuicideGirl + Songwriter

Elisa Eve


We've All Been There Music Video | Ruebx Qube

Watch the video
Watch the video

We've All Been There

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Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for ― Mark Manson